Argumentative Paper, of Mice and Men. Lennie could have been sent away and locked up if Curley hadn’t killed him first. Cheers Do a movie review evaluating the quality of the 1992 film version of the story. In the novella, Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck, George killing Lennie is a merciful kill … We know that Curley is a bully who was already angry at Lennie before Lennie accidentally killed his wife. According to your own definition, did George and Lennie have a true friendship? George must have thought he was doing the right thing or he wouldn't have done it. Of Mice and Men: George Killed Lennie for Merciful Reasons A true friendship is one in which friends care deeply enough to anticipate one another's needs and are willing to put their friend's needs before their own. Can you blame Curley’s Wife for her own death? We can all argue back and forth whether George killing Lennie was wrong or not. George cares about Lennie, he is all he’s got. George Shouldnt Have Killed Lennie Argumentative Essay, understanding a literature review a step by step approach, what is a literature review in research methods, how to make an cover letter for resume George would not have known what would have happened to Lennie if he was put on trial. It was a mistake and George maybe could have dealt with it in a more civilized way, like reporting him to the authorities. characters, George, killed his friend Lennie because he thought it was what’s best for Lennie. Should George have killed Lennie? Their mutual love enables them to make sacrifices only to protect each other. Lennie had gotten in trouble on the ranch by accidently killing the wife of a man named Curley. George didn’t want Lennie to suffer a long painful death from being shoot in the guts, or from being locked up in a cage being beaten by Curley and the farmhands. George did the right thing because he didn’t want Lennie to … George was scared and Lennie was confused, and George should have taken Lennie into the authorities and plead his case. George's Decision To Kill Lennie Analysis. I believe that George was justified in his decision to kill Lennie. George killed lennie out of love because he didn’t want him to suffer. But taking in mind his mental situation he would never have coped alone. Personally, i don't think george was right by killing lennie. ‘I got you and you got me’. the reason behind all the killing was because Lennie killed the farmers wife, and he found out, and … But for essay sake, just say it was to save him from being tortured by the other men that were out searching for him, that were going to kill him tragically, where as george put him out of his misery quick and easy. But then again he probably would have been found guilty of murder anyways. For all he knows, Curley may have forgiven Lennie. George’s decision is ultimately justified because of the meaningful friendship between the two men, the suffering Lennie would have endured caused by the discrimination based on the social hierarchy, and the unintentional problems Lennie would cause in the future. In this story Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, I strongly believe that George was right to kill Lennie. So overall, my only reason is that Lennie had no attentions of killing, and that it was accident, and George should have recognized that it was. After this event Lennie went into hiding like he was told by George if he were to get in trouble.George then finds Lennie and calms him down and shoots … Should a mentally handicapped person be held responsible for his/her actions? First, George's killing of Lennie can be understood as a mercy killing. In the book Of Mice & Men, written by John Steinbeck, the novel concludes by one of the main characters, George, killing his best friend and counterpart, Lennie, after Lennie accidentally kills a young woman. George did the best thing he could for Lennie, and the hardest thing for himself.