My Babylon 5 page. The main guns operate at two main power levels. In late 2266, President John Sheridan took a tour of the nearly complete Excalibur. For “Fluff purposes”, you can separate your fleet based on … The weapon is capable of destroying ground installations through the atmosphere of a planet. Though it may resemble an X-Wing based on the arrangement of its wings, it was actually inspired by the Gunstar ship from The Last Starfighter movie according to B5Scrolls. Captain Elizabeth Lochley of Babylon 5 was able to convince Earth's government to mobilize a large fleet to protect Earth, Excalibur and Victory were able to join this fleet. StarfurysThunderboltsKestrel Class Atmospheric ShuttlesWork pods, The Excalibur was one of two prototype ships built for the joint Earth/Minbar Destroyer class White Star project. Events Animals:by. Destroyer Class Whitestar Babylon 5: In the Beginning (1998) 9. The ship combines human, Minbari, and Vorlon technology. 300+[1] Starships of the Universe; Star Wars - Empire; Star Wars - Rebel Alliance. The ISA Excalibur is a starship in the fictional Babylon 5 / Crusade universe,combines human, Minbari, and Vorlon technology.The Excalibur is one of two prototype ships built by Edgar Industries for the Interstellar Alliance. The prototyp… Firing this titanic weapon drains all the ship's power and the "Excalibur" is unable to maneuver, fire weapons or use long-range scanners for approximately one minute afterward. Built alongside its sister ship at a shipyard overseen by Michael Garibaldi and Samuel Drake the Excalibur was the culmination of a joint ISA/EA project to produce a Destroyer class White Star. The first commander of the Excalibur was President John Sheridan. The ISA Excalibur is a starship in the fictional Babylon 5 / Crusade universe. The ship's future has not been documented. From Infogalactic: the planetary knowledge core,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, About Infogalactic: the planetary knowledge core. [3], Shortly after the plague was released, ISA President John Sheridan loaned the ship to the Earth Alliance to be converted into a travelling research centre for a joint mission to find a cure for the Drakh plague somewhere in uncharted space. Finally, the Babylon 5 station was built and opened in 2257 to interstellar commerce and diplomacy. Rangers (Minbari: Anla-shok) are a fictional class of warriors that play a prominent role in the science fiction television series Babylon 5.. History. Length: 1714.3m Crew: 250-1000+ officers and crew Engines: 4 Beigie-Bryant 9000A Particle Thrust Engines Jump Capable: Yes Gravity: Rotational sections only Weapons: Primary 4 52mm Plasma Pulse Cannons All starship / area automobile write-ups must adhere to the conferences setforth in Kitsune's i9000 modified starship rules. The Excalibur followed the Drakh vessels to the main staging area of the Drakh Fleet. Auxiliary Craft Babylon 5: The Legend of the Rangers: To Live and Die in Starlight (2002) 12. Along with Captain Leonard Anderson, who commanded the Victory, the two ships were instrumental in discovering Drakh plans to destroy Earth with the Shadow Planet Killer left behind by the Shadows when they left the galaxy. However, only 13 episodes were shown - creative differences between the series creator and TNT led to the show being canceled. Active Added yet more models (completing the site for now) from Nadab Göksu's Eon Graphics site: Brakiri Avioki cruiser Excalibur (Babylon 5) Edit. Weapons The Babylon 4 station was successfully built, but it mysteriously vanished just a few hours before coming on-line. Defence GridInterceptorsFusion Beam CannonsEnhanced Weapons Array The IAS Excalibur is a starship in the fictional Babylon 5 / Crusade universe. 1-10, 12, 11, 13-21 10. Babylon 5: River of Souls (1998) 11. This discovery, however, would lead to the grand revelation of a deeper story line in classic Babylon 5 style: the attack on Earth is just a single battle in a larger war. Created by J. Michael Straczynski. The Victory class Destroyer was conceived by President John J. Sheridan of the Interstellar Alliance, to answer the new Alliance's need for a large, heavy assault capital ship with all the strengths of the Whitestar class Monitor and none of the weaknesses. You can have a look in the Blog archives. Shop for babylon 5 SciFi in the Shapeways 3D printing marketplace. President Sheridan returned in the EAS Charon, and took command of the vessel with crewmembers from the Charon becoming a part of the Excalibur's crew. Yes However, despite the successful opening of Babylon 5, … The Excalibur and the Victory joined a large force at Earth in preparation against the Drakh. I was reading on a website dedicated to ship specifications in the B5 universe, that the Victory Class Destroyer, was originally intended to incorporate Vorlon Bio-Armour, in addition to Vorlon shielding, just like the White Star. Excalibur (Crusade) The ISA Excalibur is a starship in the fictional Babylon 5 / Crusade universe. General Babylon Five Bibliography Read the Babylon Five F.A.Q. This is my second version of the ship, the first wasn’t much good. Please improve it in any way you can, and remove this notice once the article or section is more complete. The Excalibur Was one of two Prototypes built of this class along with it's sister ship. This may actually take several years, and the new ships will likely include several design changes inspired by experience gained with the (currently) single ship of the class, the Excalibur. The mission was co-sponsored by Earthgov, Interplanetary Expeditions, the Earth Alliance Health Organization and the Interstellar Alliance with support from the Anla'shok. The other ship was the Victory. First seen in the Babylon 5 movie A Call to Arms, the ship is a Victory-class destroyer. It's dedicated to the sole purpose of archiving every single starship design ever conceived in the Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Babylon 5, and Space Battleship Yamato (A.K.A. The beginning of this quest to discover a cure was shown on the Crusade television series. First seen in the Babylon 5 movie A Call to Arms, the ship is a Victory class destroyer. Jump Capable The discharge is a pulse which originates from three emitters mounted on large "fin" structures at the ship's stern; the beams converge just forward of the bow into a single ravening blast that can destroy nearly anything in its path. It is known from other Babylon 5 episodes set further along the time-line than Crusade, that Excalibur succeeds after around 18 months (half-way through what would have been the second season) in finding a cure to the plague. A human would weigh slightly less on the ship than they would on Earth. Babylon Five Chronology Associated Babylon Five Links | Star Trek | Battlestar Galactica | | Babylon Five | Space Battleship Yamato | Back to the Main Schematics Homepage The Excalibur was enormous in size, [a mile and a quarter long (6,600 feet), 2012 meters (stated in the 1st. By arrangement, Minbar provided the design specifications and materials while Earth handled construction and financed the project in exchange for all of the advanced technical expertise they'd gain. Star Trek Starships. Best Sci Fi Series. Several Omega Destroyers were destroyed in mid 2260 when President Morgan Clark ordered Captain Dexter Smith to take control over Babylon 5 by force. 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